Ethics in the Boardroom

Ethics in the Boardroom is a unique course designed to help you examine ethical decision making through four distinct lenses and provides a five-step decision-making framework to apply for lens.



Direct ethical issues with confidence.

Ethical issues confronted by directors vary in complexity. Some relate to organisational matters, while others are of broader societal concern. To resolve ethical issues in the boardroom, you need a mechanism that is more reliable than your intuition about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Whether making one-off decisions or meeting ongoing challenges, preparation is the key to navigating ethical issues relating to people, relationships and perspectives.

Ethics in the Boardroom is a unique course designed in collaboration with The Ethics Centre to help you examine ethical decision-making through four distinct lenses and provides a five-step decision-making framework to apply for each lens.

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This course is beneficial if you are a:

  • Senior executive reporting to a board
  • New or experienced director
  • Future director

Ethics in the Boardroom explores the role of ethics in board processes and interactions through four lenses and provides a five-phase decision making process that can be applied to address the ethical issues in any situation.

Overview of the four lenses

  • General influences
    Issues that affect the organisation as a participant in society.
  • The board’s collective culture and character
    The purpose, values and principles (the ethical framework) of the organisation.
  • Interpersonal relationships and reasoning
    The need for diverse outlooks and how power dynamics can silence those with unconventional perspectives.
  • The individual director
    How awareness of your motivations, biases and ethical reasoning styles can help in understanding what you bring to the board table when it comes to ethical decision-making.

You will learn how to implement a reliable and replicable five-step process for decision-making framework when faced with an ethical issue.

Practice and personal reflection 

This topic will help you reflect on your ethical standpoint. You will also learn how to practice using the learnings to consistently achieve outcomes for the greater good of the organisation and board.

You will work through the following sections:

  • Practical and relevant information for ethical decision making in contemporary boardroom environments.
  • The skills and confidence to apply ethical decision-making frameworks in ways that enhance your contribution to organisations and boards.
  • A flexible online learning format which can be accessed on any device and completed at your convenience.
  • 5 DPD units awarded on completion.

Course Duration: One Hour

There are no prerequisites or assessments required for completing the course.

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