Directorship in Context: Contemporary issues facing directors

Join Bruce Cowley, FAICD, legal expert and governance professional, as he and a panel discuss contemporary challenges directors face. Bruce has written the AICD book, Directorship in Context: A practical guide to the Australian governance landscape, which examines the difficult task of decision making and proposes ways of thinking to help directors steer their organisations to achieve their strategic goals.

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In this webinar, Bruce hosts a director panel discussion on some current key topics that have evolved significantly since the publication of his book, covering:

IT governance.  

  • It’s the board's role to have oversight of IT strategy, responses to cyber risks and decisions about new technology such as AI, so what are some approaches boards can take to the governance of IT, especially if the existing skills of the directors are limited? 

Regulatory oversight. 

  • How much impact is increasing regulatory obligations having on boards and their ability to focus on strategy and fulfil their responsibilities?

CEO oversight and organisational culture. 

  • Recent media scrutiny leads us to ask - How successful are boards in setting the tone from the top, and to what extent is poor culture being considered from a risk perspective? 
  • In addition, how much free reign should a CEO have and at what point does damage to the organisational brand justify the board's decision to remove a CEO? A key board role is to appoint the CEO, but what about removing the CEO?

Expectations placed on directors by shareholders, the markets, regulators and the media continue to grow. This webinar, while focusing on specific areas, is also designed to emphasise how aware directors need to be of current trends and how nuanced, flexible and proactive they need to be in responding to live issues.

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