Boardroom Behaviours - Part 5 Interventions for fractured and dysfunctional relationships

When board relations have broken down to the point of animosity, you know you have a problem. Before you call in the experts, learn key strategies that boards can use to restore relations and get back on track to being a functional group.

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Recording available from: Friday, 12 March 2021
Expiry Date - Sunday, 12 March 2023
Duration - 60

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Due to the unique nature of goals, hierarchy and politics within the boardroom, standard resolution approaches can drive conflict underground rather than resolve it.

Our organisational psychologists will show you the secrets that expert facilitators use to bring peace back into fractious boardrooms. We will focus on practices that help boards deal with conflict early, whenever possible, before it escalates to become personal.

This webinar will cover facilitator-style interventions that chairs and boards can apply when dealing with boardroom conflict:

  • Meeting practices that encourage contentious issues to be discussed early and safely;
  • Conditions that allow negative emotions to be expressed safely and productively;
  • Finding common ground where none is apparent;
  • Revealing the elephant in the room or discussing the undiscussable; and
  • Formal procedures for when relationships have become untenable.

By the end of this webinar you will learn key remedial strategies to try before you call in the consultants.

This webinar is part 5 of 6. Please view other sessions here.


  • Rob Newman BA, PG PSYCH, MAPS, Organisational Psychologist, Change Focus Group 
  • John Atkin FAICD, Chair, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Jane Holzworth, Psychology Consultant and Executive Coach
  • James Beck GAICD, Chair & Governance Advisor

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