Boardroom Behaviours - Part 4 Positively influencing peer behaviours

All directors are responsible and capable of doing something when board effectiveness is compromised. Explore how group dynamics operate in boardrooms and how to positively influence peer behaviours.

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Like any group of humans, boards are a social system involving subtle individual and group interplays - collectively called social or group dynamics.

In functional groups like boards, these unconscious interplays shape people’s behaviour, as individual and personal needs compete with the requirements of the group as a whole. While these forces typically operate unseen within the boardroom, they are a deeply powerful driver of director behaviours, and consequently can be significant influence on board interactions and effectiveness.

Using case examples, we will cover how board express key social dynamics including:

  • Reciprocity – the cycle of trust given and support owed;
  • Pecking order – the competition for influence, authority and respect;
  • Affiliation – the power of familiarity and our need to be liked; and
  • Peer pressure – the rewards and sanctions that nudge behaviour

This webinar will reveal how these unseen social forces operate and how canny directors can apply them to intervene and shape the behaviour of their colleagues for more effective governance.

This webinar is part 4 of 6. Please view other sessions here.


  • Rob Newman BA, PG PSYCH, MAPS, Organisational Psychologist, Change Focus Group 
  • Jane Holzworth, Psychology Consultant and Executive Coach
  • James Beck GAICD, Chair & Governance Advisor

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