Take the risk and compliance hassle out of employee share trading


    Saxo’s Preferred Broker offering provides instant oversight, reporting and compliance for a win-win outcome for ASX-listed companies and their employees. 

    Presented by Saxo Capital Markets

    More individuals are recognising ways to take control of their future financial wellbeing. You can be certain there is an increasing number of people working at your ASX-listed company who are interested in investing, starting trusts or overseeing self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

    All ASX-listed companies must have a share-trading policy and must establish ways to monitor and enforce it. New employees, young employees, perhaps with little experience, are trading and investing — and even if you already provide an employee share-trading policy, how can you be certain on a daily basis that compliance and reporting are up to scratch? As an executive or company director, your employees’ share-trading activity should not have to keep you awake at night.

    With Saxo’s Preferred Broker offering, ASX-listed companies can not only simplify their employee reporting processes, but also reinforce their commitment to managing integrity/misconduct risks, reassuring shareholders and stakeholders alike.

    “More and more people want to take that financial control,” says David Harvie, Country Head of Direct Sales at Saxo Australia. “And with Saxo’s Preferred Broker offering, they have the option to invest with a premium online platform, across more markets and at razor-sharp prices. Your company’s people want to do the right thing — and they want to do that with a provider they can trust. Saxo’s heritage is 30 years in business, a million clients globally and US$100 billion under management. Investors can build diversification across asset classes and diversification geographically, with market-leading prices, in a really safe, robust, regulated way.”

    Compliance made easy

    Saxo’s end-of-day share-trading reporting solution takes compliance out of the employee’s hands — meaning no more manually providing trading history, printing out forms and handing them to the compliance department. Saxo offers 72,000 trading instruments, an award-winning trading platform, the capacity for 11 currency sub-accounts and the ability to manage SMSFs and trusts. For the employee, it’s a big win from a convenience perspective, a time-saving perspective and, of course, for their trading or investing.

    The listed company and its directors will know about trading slip-ups and policy breaches by anyone subject to their share-trading policy straight away — rather than six to 12 months after the fact. It’s a big win for compliance departments in terms of risk minimisation and monitoring.

    How it works

    At the end of each day, Saxo will:

    • Extract the employee’s trading activity on the Saxo platform.

    • Lay this out in a digestible, readable format.

    • Send this report to the company’s compliance department for filing, assessment and review.

    “If I’m an employee or a director, I want to know that work has been done,” says Harvie. “I want to know the company I’m working for is selecting preferred brokers I can trust and they’re doing all the heavy lifting for us. I want to know they’re providing all that reporting in real time to compliance departments. That’s getting ahead of the problem before someone forgets or makes an inadvertent mistake. Saxo’s Preferred Broker offering enables the employee and the employer to stay ahead, stay compliant and complete the required reporting in real time.”

    Saxo also works with other teams within your company, such as human resources, to help with communication, education and understanding. So rather than having to dust off the employee share-trading policy once a year to recirculate it, Saxo helps to spread the message through “how to” guides, webinars and other educational material, so your employees can gain the greatest benefits from your share-trading policy while remaining compliant. 

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