Congratulating CDC graduates AICD Review

Monday, 20 November 2000


    Congratulating CDC graduates.

    Australian Capital Territory

    Gwen Andrews GAICD Chief Executive Australian Greenhouse Office

    Jeannine Bevan GAICD Manager Centrelink

    Heather Karmel FAICD University Audit Co-ordinator Australian National University

    Lennard Marsden GAICD General Manager, Cultural Development, Communication, IT & the Arts

    Karen Nagle GAICD Risk Manager CASA

    Jim O'Hara GAICD Commodore Royal Australian Navy Reserve

    Elizabeth Percival FAICD Health & Nursing Consultant

    Carolyn Riley GAICD Senior Manager Walter & Turnball George Yacoub GAICD DGPP-A Department of Defence


    New South Wales

    Chris Canty GAICD General Manager Mortgage Choice

    Alan Carter FAICD Vice Chairman Broken Hill Community Credit Union

    Ross Chapman FAICD A/Prof & Director InCITe Research Centre, UWS

    Crystal Condous GAICD Registrar & Deputy Principal UNSW

    Chris Fell FAICD Deputy Vice-Chancellor UNSW

    Rohan Hall FAICD General Manager – Delta Maintenance Delta Electricity

    Donald Hamson GAICD Investment Director - Equities Westpac Financial Services Group

    Fleur Hannen GAICD Manager Anglican Retirement Villages

    Deborah Mills FAICD CEO Police & Community Youth Clubs

    John Osborne FAICD CEO Mingara Recreation Club

    Rogers Parks FAICD Deputy Chairman Unicom Credit Union

    Andrew Parry GAICD General Manager Operations ISP

    Geoff Short FAICD Managing Director Tanda International

    Hans Ruitenberg FAICD General Manager Heggies Bulkhaul

    Linda Thackray GAICD Director & Company Secretary Senco Network (Pacific)

    Brian Ward GAICD Administration Manager Port Kembla Port Corporation


    Northern Territory

    Chris Carter GAICD Territory Health Services

    Brian Forester FAICD Managing Director Acer Forester Darwin



    Andrew Dayney GAICD Managing Director AJD Management Group Roy Sargent FAICD Client Manager Project Services Order of Merit

    Dianne Bettess GAICD General Manager Quatum Explosives

    Mary Bird GAICD Director Tarrants

    John Clark FAICD Managing Director Clark Group (Qld)

    Robyn Ede GAICD Director Pharmacy Guild (Qld)

    Dianne French FAICD General Manager Berkley Group

    Russell Loane FAICD Managing Director Eye Lighting Australia

    Bruce Lockwood GAICD Director Darling Downs Bacon

    Anton Michielson GAICD Director Maunsell McIntyre

    Doug Ormerod FAICD Financial Controller Lighting Corporation of Australia

    Michael Symes FAICD Managing Director Filtronic

    John Warmington GAICD General Manager Shire Services Maroochy Shire Council


    South Australia

    Brian Quinn FAICD Director Guide Dogs Association SA Mark Radford FAICD Director Miko Associates Craige Whitton GAICD Director of Finance Hyatt Regency Adelaide



    Jan Lynch FAICD Executive Officer TAS Electronic Commerce Centre

    Gemma Misrachi GAICD Secretary Tasmania University Union

    Andrew Nesbitt GAICD Senior Manager Client Services Tasmanian Public Finance Corp

    Christopher Tabe GAICD



    Phillip Edwards GAICD Director Army Amenities Fund

    Jane Hill FAICD Company Secretary Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

    Martin Jones GAICD Associate-New Venture CR Group

    James Kimpton FAICD Deputy Chairman Civil Aviation Safety Authority

    Helen Lanyon FAICD Director Quality & Corporate Services Manningham City Council

    Tony Pyne FAICD Consultant, Aviation Law Minter Ellison Ed Sent FAICD Senior Executive Prime Life Corporation

    David Singleton FAICD Chairman & CEO Ove Arup & Partners

    Lyn Stavretis FAICD Director Lyn Stavretis & Associates


    Western Australia

    Ian Bayles FAICD General Manager Corporate, Co-Operative Bulk Handling

    Don Cornish GAICD General Manager (WA Division) Clough Engineering

    Stephen Davis FAICD Partner Perth Radiological Clinic

    Geoffrey Drake-Brockman FAICD, Director Pixel Electronic Commerce

    Neil Delroy FAICD Managing Director Agribusiness Research & Management

    Terry Power GAICD CFO HP JDV

    Ricki Smith FAICD General Manager – Member Value HBF of WA

    Paul Sullivan FAICD Director Loyola

    Colin Tutt GAICD General Manager Operations Co-Operative Bulk Handling

    Chris Whitehead GAICD General Manager Bank of Western Australia


    The purpose of this database is to provide a full-text record of all articles that have appeared in the CDJ since February 1997. It is aimed to assist in the research and reference process. The database has a full-text index and will enable articles to be easily retrieved.It should be noted that information contained in this database is in pre-publication format only - IT IS NOT THE FINAL PRINTED VERSION OF THE CDJ - therefore there might be slight discrepancies between the contents of this database and the printed CDJ.

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