Directors should review and consider their D&O insurance carefully from the outset. We have a 10 questions checklist to assist directors to undertake this review in relation to his/her D&O insurance coverage.

    1. Do I have a copy of the company deed of indemnity?  
    2. Do I have a copy of the directors and officers liability insurance policy wording (D&O policy)?  
    3. Am I listed (by name or role) as an insured under the D&O policy?  
    4. What risks, errors and claims does the D&O policy cover me for?  
    5. Does the policy cover me for the period of time I need it to cover me?  
    6. Are the policy limits ($A) appropriate?  
    7. Is the D&O policy the right product for me (e.g. is the relevant company publically listed, private, not for profit)?  
    8. What are the common extensions to policy coverage and are there any needs specific to my industry or circumstances that should be specifically addressed in my D&O coverage?  
    9. Are there any exclusions that I am not comfortable with?  
    10. What should I do when there is a claim?  

    You will see from the questions above D&O insurance policies are particularly complex. Every company is different. Every director is different. You should consider obtaining independent legal advice about your D&O policy and the coverage it provides you..

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