Getting ahead of the gender pay gap

Tuesday, 19 December 2023


    In February 2024, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) will begin publishing company-level gender pay gap data of organisations with 100 or more employees. This is a key change, along with other reforms introduced earlier this year aimed at accelerating workplace gender equality across Australian organisations. An AICD summary of the full package of reforms is available here.

    How can boards prepare?

    It is now a requirement for CEOs of organisations to share with their boards updated reports on their gender equality performance recently released by WGEA.

    The WGEA 2023 Executive Summary and Industry Benchmark Report are available for employers to download from the WGEA reporting portal accessible via the WGEA website. They outline progress made against six gender equality indicators and provide comparisons with other organisations in the same industry.

    Some directors may not have seen WGEA's reports before now, however understanding these reports will be central to boards’ preparedness for WGEA publishing gender pay gap data publicly.

    Organisations will have the opportunity to submit an Employer Statement that gives context to their gender pay gap results and steps being taken to improve them.

    WGEA has developed a new guide to help boards engage with these changes and consider their role in accelerating change in workplace gender equality.

    Gender pay gap reforms – key dates for boards

    November/December 2023
    WGEA released:

    • Executive Summary mapping employers’ performance over time against six evidence-based gender equality indicators; and
    • Industry Benchmark Report providing comparisons with other employers in the same industry.

    The CEO must provide a copy of these reports to each member of the board or governing body as soon as practicable.

    February 2024

    • Employer Statements uploaded by 21 February 2024 will be published alongside the employer’s gender pay gap on the WGEA website. See WGEA’s Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement Guide for more information.
    • WGEA will publish gender pay gap data for private sector organisations with 100 or more employees on 27 February 2024.

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