Workplace policy

Set out below are the details of our Workplace Policy.


    1. Purpose

    This Policy outlines the conditions and obligations of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) employees with respect to workplace security.

    2. Policy

    Workplace security is dependent on all employees.  We all take responsibility for ensuring that we operate in a safe, honest, respectful and values aligned way in the workplace.


    To assure the safety and security of the AICD employees, its visitors, and its property and to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the AICD’s facilities, the following guidelines have been adopted:

    Visitors: All visitors on AICD property must be signed in and issued a pass Passes shall be properly designated as "Visitor" or "Contractor."

    Employees: Employees are not permitted access the AICD facilities and other working areas during their off-duty hours.

    The AICD employs a clean desk policy to ensure confidential and proprietary information assets remain secure. This involves removing any sensitive business information from desks every day including USB sticks, notebooks, and printed documents. Assets must be locked away when not required.

    Similarly, the AICD employs a clean screen policy whereby computers and terminals must be left logged off or protected with a screen lock when unattended or not in use.

    Suppliers, Contractors, Delivery Personnel

    Delivery personnel e.g., Australia Post, Startrack Express, will be permitted to make their deliveries to the appropriate areas without a pass, provided they do not go outside normal areas of pickup or delivery.

    All employees will protect and minimise the risk of:

    • Fire or physical damage to AICD property, materials and infrastructure
    • Breaches to the AICD’s policies, procedures and practices e.g breach of confidentiality or passing on the AICD’s intellectual property;
    • Workplace injuries;
    • Inappropriate workplace conduct e.g. inappropriate language, harassment;
    • Workplace theft or fraud through appropriate reporting and compliance with procedures; and
    • Breaches to personal password, security cards or keys.

    What do you do if you observe or are concerned about workplace security?

    If you observe a breach of the AICD’s security or are concerned that it could be occurring, please discuss this immediately with your manager.

    Breaches to Workplace Security

    Breaches to workplace security will be investigated by management and disciplinary action may occur, if appropriate.

    3. Responsibilities

    All Employees are responsible for compliance with this policy. Breaches to workplace security will be investigated by management and disciplinary action may occur, if appropriate.

    4. Definitions

    Employee/s Full time employees, Part time employees, Fixed term employees, Casuals and Contractors.
    Visitor Includes Members, Clients, Stakeholders, Candidates or Interviewees, or individuals of the public.
    Contractor Trades, repair, maintenance personnel.
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