Kelly O'Shanassy

CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation

Kelly O’Shanassy is a sustainability leader and the Chief Executive of the Australian Conservation Foundation. She is experienced in executive roles in business, government and the community sector. 

Kelly’s environmental achievements include the establishment of world-first environment protection policies; saving water and boosting recycling; stopping new coal mines and starting renewable energy; safeguarding Australia’s rivers and forests; cutting waste and partnering with Indigenous communities to drive cultural and conversation outcomes.   

Believing strongly in the power of people to advocate for a better future, Kelly is focused on growing the number and diversity of people who speak up and take action for our rivers, reefs, forests and wildlife.

Leading award-winning programs including the coveted Eureka Award in 2011 for communicating climate change, Kelly was recognised amongst the top 100 business women in Australia in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Kelly has advised several business organisations on their journey towards sustainability, created The Future Economy Group in partnership with CEOs of responsible businesses and instigated the Leadership Forum of eminent Australians to speak up for a clean energy future. Kelly has chaired environment and community committees for government and has been on advisory board across the business, government and university sectors.

When not advocating for nature, you can find her kayaking along Australia’s rivers.

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