Bill Petch


With three decades of experience in the third sector, Bill Petch has become established as a leading expert in social innovation.

Bill’s interest in digital innovation came from his time as CEO of one of Australia’s largest patient organisations. Leading and transforming the Leukaemia Foundation he conducted one of the largest and most comprehensive stakeholder discovery studies that identified over 700 unmet needs all linked to issues relating to access.

It was the data that he collected that first allowed him to merge the organisation to become truly stakeholder centric and then led to the development of the innovative Zero Lives Lost strategy and the release of the very first ‘State of the Nation’ report on blood cancer in Australia.

Following this, Bill became Co-Chair of All.Can Australia, part of the international multi-stakeholder advocacy organisation improving the effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care by focusing on and advocating for what matters to patients. He led the development of AI to triage patients early and promote equitable access and navigation to services.

Bill has also recently done work a national healthcare NFP building a plan to better connect clinical guidelines and education to an increasingly digital native workforce. He also helped establish medtech start-up Chimera Legacy Foundation that is disrupting the traditional patient journey.

Bill holds a range of postgraduate qualifications in Politics, Social Impact, Leadership and Marketing.

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