Chris Mills

CEO, Strategenics

Chris Mills is the CEO of Strategenics, an award winning digital strategy, digital transformation and product development company that harnesses the power of data science, software, and artificial intelligence to drive business success. Based in regional Queensland, Chris brings a unique perspective, combining his passion for high-tech innovation with a deep-seated commitment to fostering new industries and creating jobs in regional and rural areas.

Chris is known for his ability to help organisations navigate the complexities of adopting cutting-edge technology. His approach is driven by a vision to use innovation to enhance customer success, increase enterprise agility, improve team wellbeing, drive sustainable growth, and boost productivity. A forward-thinker, Chris was a founding Board Member of Hydrogen Queensland and volunteers as a Chapter Director for the Queensland AI Hub, contributing to the broader AI community.

Chris's expertise bridges both hands-on industry experience and rigorous academic study. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Quantum Technology at the University of Queensland after completing a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources and a Master's degree in IT with a focus on artificial intelligence. His passion for technology is matched by his dedication to responsible innovation, always advocating for a balanced approach that manages risks while embracing the opportunities of exponential technologies.

When Chris speaks about the future, he brings a contagious enthusiasm and a compelling vision of a world where technology not only drives business success but also uplifts and sustains local communities. His leadership at Strategenics embodies the belief that technology can be a force for good, with the power to create thriving businesses and vibrant communities in tandem.

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