Ben McGowan

Managing Director, Indigo Power

Ben McGowan has been Indigo Power’s Managing Director since its incorporation in 2018.  

The community owned social enterprise has grown to a local electricity retail customer base of over 1500 customers with a project and asset management team delivering innovative clean energy projects across the region. Indigo Power has nine staff working from an office in Beechworth. The company is a leader in community batteries, installing one of Australia’s first in Yackandandah in July 2021, and has delivered large energy resilience projects in New South Wales and Victoria following the Black Summer Bushfires.

Ben has a Master of Science, a PhD in environmental policy and is an AICD graduate. He is a former business analyst at the Indigo Shire Council, a former member of the Totally Renewable Yackandandah Committee of Management, and a former member of the Charles Darwin University Council.

Ben lives on a small farm in the Indigo Valley with his young family.

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