Dr Ben Hamer

Accredited Futurist and Global Future of Work Specialist

Professor Ben Hamer is one of Australia’s few accredited futurists and is a global expert on the Future of Work. 

He heads up the Future of Work market for one of the world's leading advisories and has worked at the World Economic Forum, where he led critical projects on the future of work, skills, and education. Ben is a Board Member for the Australian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’s history and provides expert commentary across Australian media on a regular basis.
Current Work:
Ben has a Doctorate of Public Administration, which included time spent as a Visiting Scholar at Yale University, and is an Adjunct Professor with the Centre for Work and Wellbeing at Edith Cowan University. Coupled with his leading industry experience, Ben has advised ASX CEOs through to Government Ministers. He is a sought-after keynote speaker on the topic of life and work in the future, and what it all means for organisations, leaders, and workers.

Ben is the host of PwC Australia’s Future of Work podcast and author of The Kickass Career: How to succeed in the Future of Work, today.

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