Toby Dawson

Director, Illawarra Turf Club

Toby’s core competence is social impact – understanding who, why, how and what drive communities to exist, and what could be leveraged to optimise community outcomes for all stakeholders – business, government, communities and people. 

Through applying a strategic, systems .lens to relationships, he connects all stakeholders in the community hierarchy to deliver mutually beneficial impact. The ability to understand, synthesise, connect and motivate organisations towards a common impact goal is underpinned
by a practical and pragmatic application of complex theories.

Toby's experience as a Director has been primarily in highly regulated environments of foster care and education since his first appointment to the Board of Vikings Rugby Club at the age of 18. One constant throughout his experience - he is always learning and applying new thinking that improves organisations. He is currently the Chair of the Finance and Corporate Governance Committee of the Illawarra Turf Club.

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