Dr Massimo Garbuio

Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Dr Massimo Garbuio is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney. His approach to research and training involves helping strategists imagine, ideate and design new sources of value. Massimo is passionate about the human impact that good ideas can make given the right approaches and skill-sets, whether within start-ups seeking a firm footing or larger organisations envisioning a new future.

Massimo’s work focuses on three broad areas. First, design and creative thinking that yields potentially innovative futures. Second, the science of evaluating options and making sound strategic decisions. Third, how to turn ideas into real value for a broad range of stakeholders, both short-term and long-term. With this research background, Massimo has lead two studies on innovation in the boardroom for the Australian Institute of Company Directors: ‘Driving Innovation: The Boardroom Gap’ in 2019 and ‘Innovation in the Boardroom: Raising to the Challenge?’ in 2022. Previous research and consulting work includes collaborations with McKinsey Quarterly, the Internal Consulting Group and BC Strategy, a boutique consulting firm in Sydney.

Massimo also actively participates in shaping public opinion on innovation and its impact on the economy, writing and speaking for the Australian Financial Review, SBS and The Conversation as well as contributing to ‘The Venture Capital Effect: A Report on the Industry’s Impact on the Australian Economy’ published by The Australian Venture Capital Association. He has also published in global journals including the California Management Review, Design Studies, The Academy of Management Learning and Education, Long Range Planning and the Journal of Management.

Massimo holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia and has a Masters from University College London and the University of Pennsylvania. 

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