Guidelines for publishing with AICD

Do you have a great idea for a new book on directorship and the role of the board? 

We invite you, an author or aspiring author, to submit your director or board related book idea. 

Looking to publish your book?

The Australian Institute of Company Directors has an active book publishing program. We invite you, an author or aspiring author, to submit your director or board related book idea. We are particularly interested in titles that cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Governance
  • Directorship issues and responsibilities
  • Board practice and operations
  • Authorised corporate or organisational narratives
  • True stories, with analysis of the role/actions of the board and directors in real-life cases
  • Biographies of prominent Australian directors

Please note that all proposed books must be directly targeted at company directors and/or boards as the primary readership

Submission Information

We publish and distribute both print and digital (ePub) books. We are currently accepting submissions from authors with ideas for books that are not yet written, those with finished but unpublished manuscripts, and those who have books already in print and of particular interest to our membership.   

To make a submission, please email Publishing Submissions to

Please provide either the completed manuscript, or 1-2 sample chapters and a table of contents.

Our preference is for publishing submissions to include a Word document answering the following questions:

Publishing submissions

(And subtitle, if any)

2. YOU

2.1 Full name

2.2 Name on title page
(Name as you wish it to appear on the title page of your book and in promotional material)

2.3 Your present occupation/affiliation
(Please include title)

2.4 Short autobiographical note
(Please include professional distinctions, positions held, travels, other books and publications but not full details of title of papers, etc.)
(Please do not be unduly modest. We are interested in any information about you that will help us find a market for your book and to get it suitably reviewed)

2.5 Professional associations
(Please list your memberships here)

2.6 Mailing address
(Postal and email)

2.7 Phone number
(Landline and mobile)

2.8 A.B.N


3.1 Description
(Please give a description of your book suitable for your intended readership. Please state the most important things first. This description will be used as the basis for book cover and flier copy (150 words maximum))

3.2 Target market
(For whom did you write the book? Why?)

3.3 Special features
(We sometimes need to describe the special features of your book in just a few words. Please list at least three points which emphasize the special selling features of your book)

3.4 New to this edition
(If the book is a new/revised edition, please specify in detail how it differs, in content or approach, from the previous edition)

3.5 Competing books
(Please list similar or competing books; in what ways is your book more up-to-date or different in approach?)

3.6 Estimated word extent of your final manuscript
(If your proposal is for an unfinished manuscript)

3.7 Estimated date for completion of manuscript
(If your proposal is for an unfinished manuscript)

Distribution information

If offering a published book for sale via the Australian Institute of Company Directors, please post a hardcopy of the publication to the:

Publisher - Books
Content and Communications
18 Jamison Street Sydney, NSW 2000

Please include the following details with your hardcopy publication:

  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Audience
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
  • Publishing date
  • Any book reviews and/or testimonials from other directors

Frequently asked questions

How does the Australian Institute of Company Directors choose which authors to partner with?

We maintain high standards, and require our authors to be strong writers and experts on their subjects. Subject matter must be of use to a very educated, professional readership, made up of company directors and business leaders. Overtly self-promoting material will not be considered for publication. We are unlikely to publish more than one title per year on very similar subjects. 

What happens after I provide my submission?

All submissions will be acknowledged by email and then considered by our Publisher, with shortlisted submissions and corresponding business cases moving forward to our editorial committee for final approval. 

What does ‘partnering’ mean?

In most cases, the Australian Institute of Company Directors takes on the expense of editing, peer review, design, printing, marketing and all general publishing requirements, and pays the author a royalty for all units sold, whether in digital or in print. 

A royalty rate will be discussed should we wish to pursue the publication of your book. Generally, authors are attributed within the publication (front cover, spine, title page and potentially an About the Author section) as well as within marketing material such as our online bookstore.

How and when are royalties paid?

We pay bi-annually and provide a report of sales of both print and digital units.

Do you publish traditional print books or eBooks?

We publish both forms of books; however, some titles are published as eBooks only. 

How do you promote books?

We market our books through a variety of channels to our membership of over 43,000, as well as to non-members, such as course attendees, visitors to our learning centres and business lounges, and attendees at events and national conferences.

Are all manuscripts subject to peer review?

Yes, peer review is a key part of our publishing program and provides rigour and added credibility to our publications. We consider it to be a collaborative process involving both the author and the AICD. Our Publisher generally sources at least one peer reviewer for at least one layer of peer review, although more are not uncommon.

What promotional opportunities do Australian Institute of Company Directors authors have?

We may produce an author Q&A video, host a launch, offer a webinar, and/or include them in Company Directors magazine as a mention, interview and/or chapter extract. 

Do you sell via third party distributors, like Amazon or iBooks?

Currently, all Australian Institute of Company Directors titles are sold directly through our online book store. We also sell our e-book formats through Amazon.

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