Developing Your Director Career

by Elizabeth Jameson

Developing Your Director Career

This practical guide provides a framework to assist in securing a first or next directorship. It aims to help the boardroom aspirant ask the right questions and understand the key drivers behind director recruitment decisions that boards make.

As boards look to achieve greater diversity around the board table, people from a wide variety of backgrounds are encouraged to consider a ‘portfolio’ work lifestyle, comprising of or including one or more board positions. Despite this, becoming a non-executive director is an increasingly challenging ambition and the perception of those seeking a seat at the table is commonly that positions are extremely hard to secure without already being ‘in the club’.

This book is designed to be a practical guide. It seeks to help the boardroom aspirant understand the key drivers behind director recruitment decisions that boards make, enabling them to ask the right questions before and after joining a new board and preparing them to the greatest extent possible for the governance, legal and business demands of those occupying the boardroom. It will also help the reader to understand and articulate their personal brand and to evaluate their board opportunity landscape. By doing this they develop the best chance for doors opening to board opportunities.

The book provides very practical tools to allow the reader to:

  • Identify the boardroom landscape that is relevant to them;
  • Learn how to articulate their personal brand as a director;
  • Understand how board recruiters work;
  • Write an effective CV that captures a board’s attention; and
  • Know what to look for when doing due diligence.

Elizabeth Jameson FAICD Photo
Elizabeth Jameson FAICD

Elizabeth Jameson BA, LLB(Hons I), FAICD is an enthusiastic proponent of the boardroom career and, without exception, of the need for excellence in governance.

Surviving a first career as a corporate/commercial lawyer in private practice for over 15 years, whilst building a board portfolio of her own convinced Elizabeth early of the great satisfaction to be gained from being able to contribute her legal and other skills actively to the collective decisions of boards in organisations for which she has a passion.

This has led her to a 25+ year career in boards across her true passion areas, schools/education and the arts, as well as in industries and professions as diverse as superannuation, insurance, energy, manufacturing and professional services. This has included private, not-for-profit, charitable, public sector and member mutual organisations as well as membership of advisory boards for public interest areas as diverse as taxation and policing.

This background has afforded Elizabeth a strong network of practising directors upon whom she has based many of the insights and case studies in this book.

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  • Authors: Elizabeth Jameson
  • Print ISBN: 9781876604479
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  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Company Directors

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