Chairman of the Board, 2nd Edition

by  Australian Institute of Company Directors

Chairman of the Board

For chairs of NFP, privately held, government and publicly listed organisations, this book covers legislation relating to chairs, actions before, during and after board meetings, insights from high-profile chairs, a strategic board calendar and more.

The role of chair is a demanding one. Regardless of the company or organisation, today’s chair will have much to do before, during and after each board meeting.

In addition, the position of chair itself is shaped from many directions, including legislation, common law, regulators, company constitutions and charters, current economic factors, societal expectations and, of course, through contemporary practice in boardrooms around the country.

This second edition of Chairman of the Board has been expanded and updated to reflect the challenging workload of today’s chair – whether leading the board of an NFP, privately held, government or publicly listed organisation.

This edition also includes three valuable appendices:

  • A sample board calendar;
  • A discussion about two key legal cases relating specifically to chairs: namely OneTel and James Hardie; and
  • A summary of the main legal requirements regarding director meetings.

"In recognition that chairmanship is now such a vital role – not only to each entity with a board but to Australia’s economy – the chairman’s position description now reads like a rather demanding full-time role.

David Crawford AO FAICD

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  • Authors: Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Print ISBN: 97818766040703
  • epub ISBN: 9781876604110
  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Company Directors

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