WA Forum

19 April 2024
Burswood, WA

Where Innovation Meets Governance

We are pleased to announce that The 2024 WA Forum will be at a new world-class venue, Optus Stadium, on Friday 19 April.


Friday, 19 April 2024
9:00am to 3:30pm AWST


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Optus Stadium
Victoria Park Dr

Burswood, WA
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This event will earn you 5 DPD units

Embracing innovation and navigating disruption is paramount to a company's long-term success. Enjoy a thought-proving discussion with an exciting array of speakers as they discuss adaptive strategies, encourage agility and proactive approaches in these rapidly changing environments. 

The 2024 WA Forum will provide an enriching experience and the opportunity for thought leaders, industry experts and governance professionals to connect and share their knowledge on strategies to successfully navigate the ever evolving landscape of innovation and disruption.

Don’t miss this incredible networking opportunity. Join us at The 2024 WA Forum and remain at the forefront of contemporary governance. 

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The Opening Plenary will feature three presentations followed by a panel discussion. 

  • Navigating the Winds of Change: The Imperative for NEDs in a Disruptive World

    Focusing on the vital role of NEDs in navigating disruption, this presentation addresses how NEDs can champion innovation and adaptive strategies for long-term organisational success.

    Speaker: Kirsten Rose GAICD, Executive Director Future Industries, CSIRO 

  • Innovation Unleashed: Strategies for Transformative Change and NED Leadership

    This presentation delves into the essence of innovation as a driver of organisational success and the pivotal role of NEDs in fostering change. It sets the stage for discussions on how NEDs can lead organisations in embracing innovation as a core strategy. 

  • From Disruption to Resilience: NEDs as Architects of Change

    This opening plenary presentation positions NEDs as the architects of change, exploring how they can proactively respond to disruption, foster adaptability and build resilience in today's dynamic business landscape. 
Morning Tea ()

Moderated by Gallagher – Sophie Griffin, Head of Climate & Sustainability, Gallagher

  • Balancing Risk and Innovation: Navigating the Fine Line 

    Explore how NEDs can strike the right balance between encouraging innovation and maintaining effective risk management within their organisations. 

    Speaker: Professor Shamit Saggar, Executive Director, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Curtin University  

  • Evolving Governance Models: Adapting to Rapid Technological Change

    Discuss emerging governance models that accommodate technological disruption and how NEDs can oversee these transitions while ensuring compliance and accountability. 

    Speaker: Louise Petschler GAICD, General Manager Education Policy & Leadership, AICD 

  • Cybersecurity and Data Governance: Safeguarding Innovation in a Digital Age

    Examine the critical role of NEDs in cybersecurity and data governance, addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by innovation in a digitally driven world. 

    Speaker: Mary Hackett GAICD, Chair & Non-Executive Director, Sapien Cyber 

Moderated by BDO – Kristy Porter, Partner Consulting, BDO 

  • Emerging Ethical Concerns in the Digital Age

    Discuss the unique ethical challenges posed by digital disruption, including issues related to data privacy, artificial intelligence, and the responsible use of technology. 

    Speaker: Professor Edward Wray-Bliss AAICD, Professor of Business Ethics ECU 

  • Ethics, Innovation, and Corporate Culture: Fostering a Values-Driven Environment

    Explore how leaders, including NEDs, can cultivate a corporate culture that prioritises ethical behaviour while also encouraging innovation and adaptability. 

    Speaker: Caron Sugars, Associate Director, Governance Risk & Compliance, KPMG 

  • Case Studies in Ethical Decision-Making: Lessons from Disruptive Industries

    Analyse real-world case studies from disruptive industries to understand how ethical leadership can navigate complex moral dilemmas, make informed decisions and set ethical precedents for the organisation. 
Canapes & Lunch ()

Keynote presentation followed by Q & A

Speaker: Tania de Jong

Event close & networking ()


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