Digital Transformation - Governing the transition

Governing transformation can be complex, with progress and success hard to measure objectively. The directors’ challenge is to oversee the delivery of a sustainable path to a new future, that will enable their organisation to compete in the race for the customer.

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Recording available from: Friday, 22 July 2022
Expiry Date - Thursday, 14 September 2023
Duration - 90

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Digital transformation is touted as the key to building a successful path to an ever-changing future, yet 70% of transformation efforts fail. Even if they succeed, it can take years to build momentum in a changed environment. Contrary to common belief, at the heart of most transformation failures are people, not technology. 

Change leader and risk expert Margaret Wright MAICD will host a panel of leading directors and practitioners who will share experiences that directors can use to guide a successful digital transformation both during the transition and for the longer term. 

The webinar will cover critical considerations such as: 

  1. Maintaining the balance between repositioning/fine-tuning strategic direction and exploiting near-term opportunities
  2. Monitoring key risks and business impacts that major transformation programs introduce
  3. Governing accelerated change by addressing board and committee compositions, talent and roles
  4. Key measures to focus on across leadership teams and the increasing importance of collaboration
  5. Challenges post-go-live, such as problems and disruption, and ongoing IT governance after implementing a digital transformation
  6. Long-term governance changes boards should consider, such as agendas and terms of reference, to address the challenges of an evolving transformation.

At the end of this session, you will have a high-level understanding of potential business implications of key changes, and a director’s view of major risk categories, ‘early warning indicators and measures that monitor ‘soft’ factors such as cultural alignment and success. 

This webinar is the seventh in the Digital Directors webinar series. Missed a webinar? Click here to catch-up on the series.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Digital Director Initiative.

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