Digital Risk - Balancing security, trust, and performance

Does traditional risk methodology adequately address digital risk? How do we know what we don’t know when digital technology and society is changing so fast? Do we have the capability and the confidence to respond and adapt? Join us to discover the right questions to ask to protect future performance.

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Recording available from: Monday, 09 May 2022
Expiry Date - Thursday, 14 September 2023
Duration - 90

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With almost every channel to market, supply chain and internal process requiring rapidly changing digital elements, continuing with the status quo is no longer a decision. Sometimes boards simply don’t have a low risk or conservative option to choose. Other times, change can introduce more risk than benefit. Being able to identify appropriate risk and benefit balance is essential for a board to properly equip and support management.

In this webinar, risk and transformation expert Robert Hillard will discuss digital risk today and what we could be facing tomorrow. He will cover:

  • a comparison of incremental and transformational approaches and balancing risk versus reward
  • what can go wrong in the short and long term and whether you have the capability in your board and in the organisation in both digital skills and digital risk skills
  • the alignment of the board’s view of the protection, management and maximisation of data with their organisation’s vision
  • how directors establish and maintain oversight of digital risks, including external and internal threats from security to change fatigue

Panellist Damon Rees, CEO Service NSW, will discuss the organisation’s journey, and how they balanced security and performance to become a predominantly digitally based, customer focused organisation.

The webinar will kick off the move from being afraid of the massive technological changes flowing through business and society today, and change directors paradigm to be optimistic as long as they are well equipped.

This webinar is the fifth in the Digital Directors webinar series. Missed a webinar? Click here to catch-up on the series.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Digital Director Initiative.

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