A Guide to Director IDs - Who needs one and how to apply

The introduction of director IDs is part of a new regime to modernise Australia's business registries, provide traceability of directors' association with companies over their career and deter phoenix activity. Hear from the ATO about this change and be guided through the application process.

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Recording available from: Thursday, 03 February 2022
Expiry Date - Wednesday, 14 December 2022
Duration - 60

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By November 2022, directors of Australian organisations will be required to have an identification number, to be kept permanently and provide traceability of a director’s profile and association with entities over their career.

Applications for Director IDs are now open on the ABRS website. We take a look at what directors need to know and cover:

  • What is a director IDs and its benefits
  • Why are director IDs required
  • Who needs a director ID and who doesn’t
  • When do I need to apply for a director ID
  • How do I apply for a director ID
  • Next steps - what to do with a director ID

Join the ATO for this session to understand this new requirement and how to comply.

See the AICD’s Director IDs resources page for further information.


  • Rob Hayes, Director, Director ID Onboarding, Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS), ATO
  • Martin Jacobs, Assistant Commissioner, Business Registry Service Director ID Delivery ATO
  • Laura Bacon, Senior Policy Advisor Advocacy, AICD

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