Capital Raising in Uncertain Times

To help them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, large private and public companies have been seeking additional capital. Equity capital markets have responded in significant volumes and issuance keeps coming.

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Recording available from: Thursday, 03 September 2020
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Debt capital markets have also been strong, shaking off initial jitters and now supporting a range of companies. Private equity firms are confidently moving to deploy capital and make acquisitions. And in stressed and distressed markets, alternative and private capital has stepped forward. All this activity has allowed companies to maintain operations with minimal liquidation resets.

However, special situations funds, financiers and equity funds can invest anywhere in the world. To invest in your situation and justify the risk and reward, funders will expect your company to have in place management and financial information, cost-out programs, strategic divestment and/or growth investment plans.

This webinar will help companies experiencing significant market changes and seeking to raise capital over the next 12 months to understand how to best present their enterprises to funding counterparties.

Our expert panellists in the fields of capital originators and advisers will:

  • Discuss and share insights about specialised capital markets
  • Outline their expectations for the balance of FY21
  • Provide tips on how to navigate equity markets when looking to raise capital

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