Clinical Governance essentials for aged care boards

Board accountability for care and clinical outcomes is firmly embedded in legislation, and the ACQSC’s Aged Care Quality Standard 8 requires organisations to demonstrate the use of a clinical governance framework. What does this mean for boards in the aged care sector? How can you ensure you can discharge your duties with confidence? Are you accountable for integrating COVID-19 risk management into your clinical governance systems?

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Recording available from: Thursday, 04 June 2020
Expiry Date - Wednesday, 14 June 2023
Duration - 60

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This session provides practical cost-effective solutions for boards to integrate their clinical governance responsibilities into their essential skill set addressing leadership, risk, compliance and best practice performance. You will learn:

  • What is clinical governance in relation to aged care boards
  • How clinical governance KPIs should be integrated with other performance measures and financial sustainability as core board business 
  • Identifying core systems which underpin clinical governance
  • Applying a due diligence self-assessment of clinical governance capabilities
  • Operational red flags for the non-clinician director
  • Impact analysis of board financial decisions on clinical and care outcomes

Supported by practical tools and case studies, this webinar will provide aged care boards with essential insights into the questions they should be asking, the answers they need to hear, and the evidence they should be seeing.


  • Rosina Hislop FAICD, Director
  • Greg Adey GAICD, Chair Board CGC, Board Director

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