Boardroom Effectiveness for Women

Become an effective leader and improve the performance of your board.



Making the most of gender diversity in the boardroom.

Making the move from executive to director often requires a shift in thinking and decision making. This course explores the competencies of effective leaders; focussing on team dynamics, gender differences in the workplace and conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace.



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This course is suitable for directors and senior executives.

This course is ideal for women looking to enhance their communication style and leadership skills, and for men looking to improve the dynamics of their team and to address both conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace.

This short course covers key aspects of leadership, including tactics for encouraging diversity of thinking in your board, the impact of culture and gender on leadership styles and mitigating unconscious biases.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand different behavioural types and be able to utilise these in honing your personal leadership skills and the leadership skills of your board and executive team.
  • Grasp critical theories on board dynamics and assist your board to develop an appropriate model for team-building.
  • Identify cultural and gender differences and effectively combat biases.
  • Recognise conflicts of interests and consider strategies for addressing them.
  • Discern the differences between executive and director decision making.
  • Apply collective decision making in a board environment.

Through blended learning this short course will help you enhance your leadership skills and improve the performance of your board. The course includes a webinar, face-to-face and reading components.

Mode of study

This course is a unique combination of situational and interactive learning led by an experienced facilitator.

The Boardroom Effectiveness for Women course is also offered through our Advisory service.


60 minute pre-course webinar, followed by a one-day session.

An opportunity for growth

Why learn with us?

Our programs are designed by education specialists with the input of experienced directors and subject matter experts. The content is updated annually and includes case studies and real-life examples to ensure relevancy for today's and tomorrow's directors.

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